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Just…. UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!

I am so sick of this bitch. Yes she’s my roommate and no, since I don’t currently have a job and none of the bills are in my name, I don’t have a right to kick her out. And no, I can’t just move out because 1. I was part of the original 3 that went in on this apartment, and 2. My boyfriend is living here, and everything is in his name. However, he won’t kick her out just cuz I’m seriously over her and her fuckin attitude. He almost kicked her out a couple of times cuz he is getting sick of it bit then they talk and work things out and it’s all fine. I’m just to the point where I’m tired of her being here and I’m ready for her to be out of our lives. I fuckin hate her and I want her to leave. Like I wish she had never come into this house to begin with and I’m just fuckin done. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT AND DON’T EVER FUCKING COME BACK YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH ASS CUNT.

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